4 days old.

At four days, a few lists…

Things that don’t matter at all anymore:

-Being cool.

-The size or shape of my belly.

-The clubs, countries, venues, concerts, festivals I didn’t go to.

Things that are still complicated:


Things that I now worry about a lot more:


-Baseballs falling from out of nowhere in a clear blue sky in the park on a beautiful day.

-Another human being’s breathing.

Cool new things:

-Super power heightened senses. Everything is in hyper color, and I can smell even better than my first trimester.  I sniff out changes to my baby’s body like a proper member of the animal kingdom.

-French kissing. It’s kind of like of those kisses when B. and I were fifteen, except that even then I was thinking about the next base. Now the kissing is the complete act and it is its own magic land of sensation.

-My boobs have the power to sustain life.

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