And then one day a boy is born.

Yes, the birth story will come. Soon maybe. Although words in relation to time have whole new sets of meanings. So I say soon not knowing what soon will be exactly. The sun is rising. The boy is asleep. Just like when he was within me, night is his time and he quiets with the beginning of the day. B. is asleep too. Typing feels like coming home after a long journey in a far away land. It is familiar; a place of total comfort, but fundamentally changed since the last time I lived here. Because I am changed. Profoundly. On a cellular level. On an atomic level. I have not been this changed since my first twenty four hours of knowing I was pregnant.

And so I begin today what will be the last chapter of The Secret Pregnancy; what they call The Fourth Trimester, the first three months of the boy’s life. The boy, in these entries, I’m going to call the Traveler. He’s in stripes at the moment. Very seaworthy.

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